Our 5 design tips to make a small space bigger

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17th September 2021

smart storage

We’ve spent years being invited into homes across Belfast, Bangor and Northern Ireland to help people sell their homes.

People are, quite rightly, very proud of the decor, design and atmosphere they’ve created, whether they’ve been in a family home for years or have invested in a “fixer upper” to sell on.

We’ve seen some great use of small spaces, so it’s time to feel inspired and get cracking with these 5 simple tips.

Let’s turn your small space into a big space with some simple touches.

1. First things first, declutter!

clean room

Image: Sharp Aspirant

It might sound like an obvious place to start but you’d be surprised how much ‘stuff’ people hold onto that either does not fit their decor or that they have no use for. As hard as it might be, it’s time to be ruthless and clear out those items you’ve been holding onto for years hoping that they will one day be useful. If you haven’t needed it recently and it isn’t going to fit with the theme you are going for, then it’s time to go.

2. Smart storage

Once you have decluttered storage is key. No matter the size of the space, there are storage solutions out there for you. By having smart storage, you can hide any clutter which will make the space feel bigger, whilst the storage itself takes up as little room as possible.

Think shelves and dressing tables hidden in cupboards and wardrobes designed around the shape of the room.

smart storage

Image; Homes & Gardens

3. Paint it light! (or dark)

Colour can play a huge part in making a space feel either light, airy and spacious or cramped, small and dull. If you are trying to make a small space feel bigger, the use of light colours can help to open the room up and make it feel larger than it is. 

It can also help the room to feel neat and fresh. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the use of dark colours can also help to create a space that feels bigger than it is and open the space up. Avoiding dull, medium-toned colours is best as these can result in rooms feeling small and claustrophobic. 

Paint it light

Image: Square Inch Homes

4. Flooring

Whilst carpet is usually a popular option for many rooms within a home, this can make a small room feel even smaller. Opting for hardwood or vinyl flooring can help to make the room feel longer and wider and really open it up. Use of a rug on top can then give you the cosy, comfortable feeling and makes the space look larger.

flooring for small space

Image: homewings

5. It’s all about lighting

Lighting can make all the difference. No one wants to walk into a room that feels box-like, dark, small and like the walls are going to close in on you. Whilst natural light and accentuating large windows is a great way to make a room feel bigger, this might not always be an option depending on your space.

However, where you might lack some natural light, the use of mirrors can be a great way to open a space up and create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. It can also help spaces to feel lighter by reflecting light around the room. The use of smaller lights such as lamps or fairy lights is also preferable to large overhead lights.


Image: Michael Helwig Interiors